Utility Management

Too many bills to check and validate?

Let us manage this for you.

Utility invoices can be complex and onerous to check often containing inaccurate data due to estimated billing or incorrect meter reads or keying errors relating to tariff rates. We know this from our success in recovering historic errors. In addition a changing property portfolio can make it difficult for you to administer and ensure that your energy bills and accurate and paid correctly.

We manages thousands of utility bills for clients ensuring that charges are correct and together with consumption reporting & analysis we can highlight consumption anomalies and opportunities for cost savings

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.

The typical service model for our major accounts would include:

Review of the historic energy portfolio – validating historic charges – provide better visibility of spend and ensure historic charges are correct, recover any overcharges where they are incorrect, use data to determine optimal new contract.

We securesmarter pricing based on total spend and future energy demandsWe makecontracts co-terminusideally with one supplier

We install smart meters to automate readings and ensure timely accurate reads

We monitor charges to ensure billings are correct and liaise directly with suppliers to resolve queries

We set up consolidated billing solutions to reduce processing costs, a one-bill solution for your energy costs

We provide insightful energy consumption reporting to highlight opportunities to improve energy efficiency and help you to further reduce energy spend

Total Cost Management

We have access to retained energy consultants who are experts in complying with ISO 50001, the best practice framework for the management of energy.

Our consultants can help you to reduce your energy costs by advising on energy efficient solutions for your business

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