We keep our services simple for you while ensuring we cover every angle to provide in-depth quotes, the best prices and quality products to service your lifestyle.

Exploring every option we work hard to bring you a service that's unlike any other. Service that focuses on you and not what you can afford. We delve deep to discover the add-ons you need and those you don't eliminating the unnecessary to bring your cost down further still. We also explore ways to ensure your products are easy for you, easy to update, easy to claim on and easy to renew.

We're a forward thinking service provider with an eye on the future, so we won't offer you deals that pull you in but sting you later. We know we can't make you as passionate about these products or renewals as we are but we hope we can bring a smile back to the business.

Quite simply, we're the geeks that take the sting out of the essentially boring!

Life is Better with Friends

At Money-Mate you receive unlimited rewards simply for using our simple dashboard and renewing with our top quality products. It's a win win situation that promises to make your life much easier while bringing you rewards to make it sweeter.

Industry insiders receive Money-Mate every day on products like these, why shouldn't you? Life is so much better when you're a friend of Lord Chumley.

Bespoke Quotes, Five Star Cover, Great Value = Product Lover

We offer a range of products, using a diverse set of providers (including ourselves) ensuring you benefit from the best value on the market. You'll find that whether you need one or six of our products, you'll always receive the customer care you deserve.

We know getting covered isn't your most thrilling part of your day but we'll do our best to make it the easiest!

Here's a selection of what we offer, each backed up by our customer service guarantee.

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